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Open Source Consultant, Software Developer and System Administrator

If you are interrested in hiring a consultant for the effective use of open source software on an enterprise grade, take a look around in the About section to see, what I have to offer.

Blog and snippets

Various snippets or code parts I found useful, so I keep them here for reference.

Better handling of namespaced keywords in maps with Clojure 1.9

Clojure 1.9 (or rather the alphas as of writing this) add some nice shortcuts to deal with maps containing namespaced keywords.

First of all there is now a reader macro #:ns{} to put the namespace on all keys in that map:

user=> (def customer #:customer{:id 42 :name "Acme"})
user=> customer ; even prints as such
#:customer{:id 42, :name "Acme"}
user=> (assoc customer :something/else 23) ; once you mix, you get the regular output
{:customer/id 42, :customer/name "Acme", :something/else 23}
user=> (:customer/id customer) ; get works as expected
user=> #::{:id 23} ; also :: works as expected
#:user{:id 23}

The destructuring side of things got some enhancements too. The :keys destructuring not can also be used with a namespace:

user=> (let [{:customer/keys [id name]} customer] [id name])
[42 "Acme"]
user=> (def order #:order{:id 42
                          :customer customer
                          :items [#:order-item{:id 23
                                               :name "WiFi wire"
                                               :amount 2
                                               :price 64.0}]})
user=> (let [{{:customer/keys [id name]} :order/customer, :order/keys [items]} order]
         [id name (transduce (map (fn [{:order-item/keys [amount price]}] (* amount price))) + 0 items)])
[42 "Acme" 128.0]