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Open Source Consultant, Software Developer and System Administrator - Gun for hire

Hi, I am Christoph and this is This site is primarily here for narcistic reasons. So let's shed some light on myself.

I am a software developer and system administrator for all my professional life, which spans over nearly two decades now. I worked on small and large projects, in teams and alone. One thing all these tasks had in common: I used free software for working on, finishing and running them. I have a broad knowledge of how to apply open source software to solve your problems.

OSS has no direct costs in acquiring and maintaining it. Yet you have to know how to use it and provide machines to run it -- no difference to commercial software. Not all your questions might be answered by the communities around the open source software and maybe you are not able to define your needs. This is where I come into play. My strong knowledge of developing, rolling out, and running projects using OSS will have you going in no time and save you money in the long term.

I am currently focusing on Application Development around Groovy, Springboot, Vaadin, Clojure, and Clojurescript on top of PostgreSQL or Elasticsearch.

I am a Vaadin 7/8 Certified Developer.

So, and who or what is ofnir?

Ofnir is another name for for a serpent like Níðhöggr from norse mythology. I usually tend to name things, like hosts, after figures from the Edda. And the name is short and rather unique. So do not read to much into it... it is just pragmatic naming.