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I have more than a decade and a half of experience working, developing on, and administrating free Unix like system as Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD. This is what I live and breath.

Software Development

My main focus is on developing web based applications like content management systems, enterprise resource management systems, intranets. I did this using programming languages as Java and Groovy, C++, Perl, and Python. To keep development times short I know my way around in may frameworks and application servers like Django, Zope, and Plone on the Python side. For Java I prefer using Grails and Vaadin or working on the Spring Frameworks. In C++ I love to work with Qt.

System Administration

Developing software is one thing. Deploying it on the internet to a global audience is something else. Therefor I know my way around in all the parts that make the internet going. May it be securing servers, setting up networks, store millions of data sets in e.g. Postgres using replication, or providing fast delivery of your site by Varnish, Nginx, Lighttpd, or plain old Apache.