REST-REPL fully integrated into WREPL

WREPL is a tool I have wrote and used for a long time now. It grew out of the frustration to be able to quickly compose Clojure REPLs for different tasks or projects and provide an solid developer experience for an interactive REPL (no editor integration etc needed, because once we are in Clojure project land, all I need is the editor integration).

Another reason for initially starting this project was to integrate the REST-REPL in it. The REST-REPL is a tool I use very often especially in projects outside the world of Clojure, because it gives very quick feedback in web services. The only downside with it was, that there is not much to configure or even expand (there is the clumsy way of adding more jars to the classpath and running code in your external files).

Long story short: it's now possible to build your own REST-REPL inside WREPL.