Trying out Vaadin 8

Started a repo to try out the new/changed stuff from Vaadin 8. Lessons learned so far:

  • Immediate on fields is gone. They are now immediate by default.
  • Converter on fields is gone. You convert either in the Binder or you have to write your own field.
  • Use the Binder builder as a builder (chain your calls) -- even if your e.g. Groovy gives you builderish behaviour with with.
  • The CallbackDataProvider is basically the same as the LazyContainer from Viritin.
  • Creating your own CustomField becomes easier, since you get some proper guidance on what to implement. Yet making that field properly propagate change events is still on you.
  • For a composite field it's easiest to build it up using again a Binder and delegate addValueChangeListener down to it.

The repository is here: