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Not all the code I wrote is open sourced; yet I wrote some software and help maintain it for public use -- enjoyed by many.


The GPL here stands not for the GNU Public Licence but for Grand Prix Legends. GPL is a racing simulation older than ten years but still played and modded by small, but potent, community.

The GPLRank is a page to compare race results and was originally written by Uwe Schürkamp in Zope. Back in the days I joined the admin team and added functions to it. Later the site was moved to PHP and now is maintained by others.

Visit the ranks

Nidhoeggr - Server for IGOR

When the modding community was about to release the first Mods for GPL, there was the urge to replace the community authored lobby software VROC with something new, that was able to handle the mods and provide some security against cheating. This software was about to be IGOR for the Clients and nidhoeggr for the server. nidhoeggr is written in Python and handles the list of running servers of GPL mods. The running game servers send their current stats to the lobby server.

Visit the GEM homepage

Nascar Rank 2003

Similar to the GPLRank this site provides ranking capabilities but for the game Nascar Racing 2003 from Sierra Online. This site is written in Python using the Zope application server. Some parts are from the original GPLRank but vast parts are rewritten later on.

Visit NR2003Rank