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Codename DEngine is an engine for dungeon crawler game I am working on. And, No, not since the great Grimrock came out. I worked on this for quite some time now primarily as a stepping stone in the work game engine development and learning OpenGL shaders. It started as a pure python project and then I moved over to C++. There where even a version running on the Nintendo NDS for a while.

The current version now uses C++ as its core. The user interaction is done using Qt. The engine is completely event driven and scripted in Lua.

With Qt capabilities to render widgets on top of OpenGL there is a quick way now to add GUI mock ups quick on top of the engine. Later one can use Quick to do a proper GUI.

The render engine is deferred. After the initial geometry pass there are several passes for each light in the scene or e.g. rendering a daylight pass. The final passes are for gamma correcting, exposure, and other screen space techniques.

Sound is played by OpenAL using a simple WAV loader for the effects and streaming Ogg Vorbis for the music.


This is the test game I use the engine with. Here are some screenshots of the the assets I have created for it. I use i Blender for modelling and then ZBrush for the details.


To build levels for the engine, which are stored as Lua files, there is an editor also written in C++ using Qt.