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Various projects, that currently not justify their own page

Spring Boot Groovy Vaadin Starter

Ready to rock starter/sample project to get going a Vaadin app using Groovy.

This uses by default:


Checking the starter out into directory app and get rid of the origin.

git clone app
cd app
git remote rm origin

Gradle Filewatch

Watches directories in the gradle build and executes tasks on file changes. It uses RxGroovy to throttle file change bursts and sequentialize the builds.


Add the plugin to the buildscript:

buildscript {
        dependencies {
                classpath 'net.ofnir.gradle:gradle-filewatch:<version>'

Apply the plugin:

apply plugin: 'net.ofnir.gradle.filewatch'

Example to watch things: ``compileGroovy``, if there are changes in ``src/main/groovy``

filewatches {
        compileGroovy {
                path = 'src/main/groovy'

Lazybones templates

My templates for Lazybones for quick bootstrap of projects.


Mini-CMS to create static pages by a XML structure, ReStructured Text and ZPT.

It sole purpose is to make creation of a simple page with focus in content easier... well like a CMS. But it focuses on developers and not on the end user.

This site used to be generated with it, until I switched over to Nikola because of the larger blog focus.

Gentoo overlay

My own Gentoo overlay for libs/apps, that are not included or easily available from Gentoo.