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Old Stuff

Some old stuff no longer needed or maintained.


An ambitious project a pal and I started ten years ago. We aimed for a not so massive RPG, that had most of its content auto generated so even the developers (we) will have fun playing it.

The server written by my pal used memory mapping and non blocking IO so we where able to put huge maps on the system. For the messages between the server and the client where where a middle ware, which was auto generated from parsing C headers using perl to generate platform independent network code.

The first client was written using SDL and had some minimalistic GUI, that we dropped later for GTK and Glade. The last version had the middle ware wrapped by Swig so we where able to write the client in Python, PyGTK and of course where able to reuse all the GUI elements from Glade.

This came never around to be released to the broad public as real life kicked in on both of us. So there are just some screen shots.


A library to wrap GLSL shaders within Python. Uses pyrex.

PyGLSL on SourceForge


An early attempt in the world of developing games. It is a clone of the well known Bomber Man game using SDL and OpenGL. The game itself is basically functional, but lacks menus and all the bling.

BomtIt on SourceForge