Starting the Clojure REPL in a customizable fashion. The goal is to make it easer to write "prepped" REPLs.


Before the Clojure CLI tools where released, I found myself often in the need outside of project to be able to fire up a REPL (e.g. to answer an Stack-Overflow question). That was very east before the days of clojure.spec, which then needed multiple JARs to be present.

I ended up doing some pre-packaged JARs for different use-cases (e.g. a "comfort" REPL with things like specter in it, one for incanter, one for interactive exploration of web API (rest-repl)). But in the end it became cat herding.

So this project aims to fix my problems:

  • provide a modular setup for (differently named) REPLs to run outside of projects

  • put features for the REPL in dedicated plugins

Is it still relevant? All this work started long before (even in public) the Clojure CLI tools where released. I think many of the features here are superseded now, yet I never came around to make the REST-REPL scenario work and I think clj is focused more around the project setup and not so much to get a "prepped" REPL (e.g. override multiple different things around the REPL).