ES6 object property shorthand with Groovy

While this feature is not supported in Groovy directly, it's easy to reproduce using a very underused feature: a Macro.

Create new file to contain all macros. E.g. Macros.groovy:

import org.codehaus.groovy.macro.runtime.*
import org.codehaus.groovy.ast.expr.*
import org.codehaus.groovy.syntax.*

class Macros {
    static Expression mapOf(MacroContext ctx, final Expression... exps) {
        return new MapExpression(
                new MapEntryExpression(GeneralUtils.constX(it.getText()), it)

Then compile this file (this is important to do first, or else Groovy gets confused when something references the class, but it's not there):

# groovy Macros.groovy

Next make the macro known. There must a file META-INF/groovy/org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.ExtensionModule in the classpath containing the following lines to make Macros from above work:

moduleName=Some name

And then finally try it out:

def labels=["a", "b"]
def values=[1, 2]
    [labels, values]
        .collect{ label, value -> 

And run it:

# groovy test.groovy
[[label:a, value:1], [label:b, value:2]]