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Open Source Commitment

Being committed to open source software does not only mean to use it, but also to give back to it. So here are some projects I contributed to.

Public Repositories

Currently I do all my coding on GitHub and did previously on Source Forge. GitHub makes it rather easy to find contributions to other projects. So check for yourself there.

Profile on GitHub

Profile on Source Forge


I did some patches for WINE. They are mostly done to make support for joysticks and wheels a more pleasant experience for Linux users, that want to play there favourite racing and flight simulations without the help of Windows.

List of commited patches

BSD's USBHID support in dinput (not commited)

Wavefront OBJ exporter for Blender

Exports AliasWavefront OBJ Files from Blender - including the material and texture informations. Up in the 2.3X version blender had no such exporter.

Blenderobjex on SourceForge


A great 2D game engine based on SDL for a myriad of platforms.

SGE2D home page

SGE2D on SourceForge


A port of the C64 puzzle game Symbolica.

Symbolica on SourceForge


Initial OSX port

Neverball homepage